Wild Journal

Investigating Apples with Preschoolers
I am sharing one of my favorite fall topics to explore with preschool-aged children. I honestly can’t think of a tastier and more engaging unit than apples in the fall!
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Bird Study
As the snow melted away here in Ohio, we flew into a new study: BIRDS. Our friends were so excited to take flight and discover new things about these fascinating winged creatures.
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Yoga in the WILD
Have you ever noticed the smell of grass in the springtime, the taste of a raindrop on your tongue, the sound of a squirrel scurrying up a tree, the feel of the wind on your skin, or the sight of the clouds changing shapes? The children call this a “Mindful Minute” and we learn to use all five of our senses when we take a moment to stop and notice.
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Parent Reviews

We love Wild Child! At the traditional preschool my son attended he would cry at drop off and be the first to run to me at pick up. Now he is so excited to get dropped off every morning and asks to stay a bit longer at pick up. He has come home with new vocabulary and it constantly tell us about his adventures at school. Watching him learn outside and with such a supportive staff makes my heart about burst. They truly take the time to identify what works for each child and nurtures that child as an individual. Cannot recommend this program enough!

Alexandra, Centerville