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WILD Camp Week 2

June 17, 2024

Join the teachers of WILD Child Nature Preschool for a week of Wonder, Investigation, Learning and Discovery! This memorable week of camp will include unstructured nature play, creek romping and more!


A big mess equates to big learning.

Research has found that rich environments, multisensory activities, novel experiences, and physical movement all contribute to the formation of neural connections in the brain

By playing, your child is becoming an architect, a scientist, an artist, a critical thinker, a good communicator, a friend, a leader, a listener, and so much more. Through play the options for learning truly are limitless.


Of A Child's Brain Develops During The Preschool Years

Nature based learning starts here. See our Daily Rhythm
Daily Rhythm

Chasing the Spark

Think of your fondest childhood memory in nature. Got it?

Whether it be fishing at the lake, chasing fireflies, building a fort with friends, or that fresh squeezed lemonade you drank on the porch , those memories rush at you and you can instantly taste and smell your childhood! In those moments, you wanted to be an honorary fisherman, record breaking firefly catcher, or were bound and determined to live in your backyard fort. At W.I.L.D. Child I promise to allow your children to CHASE those sparks of excitement, to strengthen those skills, and daydream those dreams! Here we celebrate childhood, encourage the mess, and show kindness always.

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Nicole Lanich

When Nicole began researching schools for her second born, her wild, outdoor lovin’ child- she just couldn’t picture him indoors. She wanted to give him time to play, space to be a child, and friends to learn and grow alongside. Her vision included immersion in nature & above all else, PLAY... and so W.I.L.D. Child was born!

Nikki Antrobius

Nikki has a background in child development and developmental disabilities. She graduated from Wright State University with a Bachelors in Rehabilitation Services. She has a love of learning and has passed that passion into her girls. She is always encouraging them to explore, ask questions and try new things!

The Wild

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Investigating Apples with Preschoolers
I am sharing one of my favorite fall topics to explore with preschool-aged children. I honestly can’t think of a tastier and more engaging unit than apples in the fall!
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Bird Study
As the snow melted away here in Ohio, we flew into a new study: BIRDS. Our friends were so excited to take flight and discover new things about these fascinating winged creatures.
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Yoga in the WILD
Have you ever noticed the smell of grass in the springtime, the taste of a raindrop on your tongue, the sound of a squirrel scurrying up a tree, the feel of the wind on your skin, or the sight of the clouds changing shapes? The children call this a “Mindful Minute” and we learn to use all five of our senses when we take a moment to stop and notice.
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Parent Reviews

My girls loved their time at WILD Child! I loved how they learned by observing and playing in nature, the sensory stimulation and the friends they made. A favorite activity was the hikes to and playing in the creek. They could hardly wait until the next time to go. They called it "hike school" and if we get anywhere near a road that we took to drive there, they will scream "this is the way to hike school, are we going there?". Highly recommend Miss Nicole and WILD Child.

Joyce, Springboro